Top 10 flicks of the 2000’s… thus far…

I thought about writing a special blurb for each of these, sort of a justification or an “in defense of”, pointing out the technical merits of as to why each film was included. But they all came out like mini-reviews of the flicks. And I didn’t want that. Then I remembered what this and every list like it is… opinion. Rarely, if ever, does actual technical merit come into play when a critic, or a panel of critics come up with the “10 best” of anything. So I said fuck it. Write the list, provide some good clips (all courtesy and have people see for themselves why I thought the film was particularly deserving of the 10 best of this current decade.

So here it is…

  1. Sin City

  2. Donnie Darko

  3. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

  4. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

  5. Shaun of the Dead

  6. Memento

  7. Requiem for a Dream

  8. 28 Days Later…

  9. Ocean’s Eleven

  10. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy


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