What the hell… let’s talk television.

Hey Brodie Fanns,

The fall TV season is about to start, and what the hell… here’s my two cents. Most critics usually give a preview of ALL shows coming up for the fall season. Well… I don’t have the means that most critics do, so I’ll just be talking about what I watch, and what I’m interested in.

Fall TV Preview

I’ll keep this short and sweet, as it would be way too long of a post if I were to go into detail on every single show.

As per usual, my TV and DVD-R will be pretty much permanently affixed to NBC and FOX this fall.

House, M.D.
returns without the aid of his entire staff. Oh no, what’s a grumpy doc to do?
Family Guy and The Simpsons are both my favourite animated families, and their outlandish highjinks keep getting better. Even The Simpsons are on an upswing.
Let’s see if 24′s return in January can make up for the less than mediocre 6th season. I hope it can.

K-Ville is about cops in post-Katrina New Orleans (or Nawlins as some call it). It could go the route of last year’s Stand-Off, but with Anthony Anderson and the under-rated Cole Hauser, it may actually make it through to the second season.
Back To You marks Kelsey Grammer’s first time not playing Fraiser on a series in over 20 years. And with Patricia Heaton in tow, I for one am excited for this one. I just hope this newsroom centered comedy fairs better than Sports Night did 9 years ago.
New Amsterdam and The Sarah Conner Chronicles are both slated to be mid-season replacements, which means we’ll see them soon (let’s face it, FOX is cancellation trigger-happy, if I were to compile a list of the top 10 cancelled before their time TV shows, 11 of them would have been on FOX, except for Sports Night). New Amsterdam is about an immortal trying to break his infinite life curse, while The Sarah Conner Chronicles is a series based on The Terminator films. Both shows could really go either way, it all depends on how they handle the subject matter.

I will be completely unreachable on September 24th, from 9-10pm, as that’s when the second season of Heroes starts.
The two Law & Orders that are still on this network, only because they’ve never really been bad… just mediocre at times.
ER. Now this is a show I once loved and wouldn’t miss. Now… I pay attention out of habit and curiosity. I just want to see how and when they’ll finally end it (which should be in about 3 years ago).
And of course, the best medical show on television- Scrubs. It’s actually going to have an end in this, it’s 7th season. It will be missed, but good job Scrubs. Way to bow out when your time is up.

Only one new show on NBC’s fall line-up intrigues me, and that’s Journeyman. And it only intrigues me because I’m a sucker for time travel. Luckily it’s got primo real estate behind Heroes on Monday night, so it may actually garner an audience.

I only watch Lost on ABC. Most of their shows are geared toward the females, of which I am not. Lost is coming back in January, kicking off it’s final 48 or so episodes. It’s good that they gave it a timeline, meaning that the show HAS to end. It’s bad that they’re splitting that into three 16 episode seasons, meaning we have to wait longer for a shorter season.

Pushing Up Daisies could be entertaining. It’s an interesting premise. A guy is able to bring dead things to life, but only brings back murder victims so he can solve the crime and collect the reward money. There’s good internal and external conflict to be had there. So I’ll give it a shot.
Caveman, a new show based on the Cavemen from the Geico ads. I’m really looking forward to it. It could be very funny. Or it could really suck. I hope it’s the former.

I’m about 40 years too young to watch anything on CBS, except Jericho. And that’s only coming back for 7 episodes, to wrap up the storyline. The show is definitely canceled. But strong negative fan reaction mandated that CBS order conclusion episodes. So I’ll be watching it. But only for a few months. So long Jericho. You were pretty good.


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