100 Favourites: The Wrap-Up

Brodie Fanns!

Never fear, last week was not the last you had heard from the list. This week is. I’m doing the post-game this week. A few stats and figures.

The list was originally about 400 long, in it’s first inception during the summer of ’04 I believe. In those four years it’s been altered many a time, obviously. The original list was not a ranked list, it was just a list. After about six months, I decided it should be ranked. The first top 10 resembled the current one, though it included the 1931 Dracula. After a while, I deemed it unnecessary to have two films in the top 10 that were essentially different, yet near identical, versions of the same story, with Nosferatu also being based on the story of Dracula. Yes, they are technically two wildly separate and different films, but I couldn’t justify both of them being in the top 10. So I went with my favourite of the two, Nosferatu, and the rest is history.

To make it easier on me, I cut 200 films out of the list. And that original list is now lost in memory, as I don’t have a back up anywhere. So there it sat. 200 films, the top 20 had since been ranked, and I was making process. Then about… mid last year, I decided “Hey, I’m writing in a blog now, I should do my top 100.” So I sliced another hundred out of the list. The original is on this computer still. Then I ranked the back 50. And that brings us to today. The list has been published. Go us!

Just today, I sat down and took a long hard look at the list. I am happy with the list. That doesn’t mean it won’t change in the future. I still haven’t decided if I want any 2007 flicks in the list, (Zodiac, No Country for Old Men and Sunshine are strong contenders). And there are plenty of classics I have yet to see.

It was criminal that I didn’t have any foreign, non-english films on the list, so I may add in a few of those. Don’t know why I would forget them in the first place.

And who knows… someone may come out with a flick in the future that just blows me away. Cloverfield was amazing. Not Top 100 amazing… but damn close.

Just so you know…

an * denotes inclusion of trilogies

The actors with the most films on the list:
Al Pacino and Harrison Ford* with 4 each. Bruce Willis, Brad Pitt, Ian McKellen, Kevin Spacey, Michael J. Fox*, Christopher Lloyd* and Elliot Gould with 3 each.

The actresses with the most films on the list:
Uma Thurman, Cate Blanchett* and Lea Thompson* with 3 each. Diane Keaton, Julia Roberts and Carrie Anne Moss with 2 each.

The directors with the most films on the list:
Quentin Tarantino, Frank Capra, Sidney Lumet and Stanley Kubrick with 4 each. Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson* and Robert Zemeckis* with 3 each.

Alright peeps… that’s alls I gots for you now.

Next week… keep an eye out for reviews for Rambo, a somewhat similar data list, and a top 10 list from someone who isn’t me.



-Brodie Mann


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