Seven Instances of Real Life Proving Movies Right

In most case scenarios, real life tends to prove the movies wrong. From sound/explosions in space, to lit cigarettes igniting a gas spill. But what about when movies are correct? Here’s a list of movies proven correct by the real world.

7) Brad Pitt + Angelina Jolie = Sexiest couple in the history of the world

We all know that Angelina Jolie is the sexiest woman EVAR! And Brad Pitt is the sexiest man EVAR! Putting them together in a movie is one thing. That’s just good marketing. Which is why Mr. and Mrs. Smith was such a success. Oh yeah, they’re also damn fine actors. But those two shacking after making the movie up is an explosion of sexiness that this world was not entirely ready for. And their kids? Holy crap. They’re gonna be so good looking, that to look upon them will induce face-melting the likes we haven’t seen Raiders of the Lost Ark. Just watch this scene. Even when they’re kicking each others asses it’s hot. And it gives way to a wicked hot sex scene. It’s a tame sex scene, but still hot.

6) J. Dawson was a real dude. Told rich chicks he was an artist so he could see them nekkid.

There were many surprises to come out of the film Titanic. Did you know that the ship was real? And really did hit an iceberg? News to me. But more so, there was a real J. Dawson who died on the real Titanic. Still no word on whether he did the nasty in the steamed up backseat of a Renault.

5) Distilled Urine- Nutritious! Delicious! Full of Electro-lytes

One of the coolest scenes of Waterworld was when Kevin Costner urinates in a jar, distills it, then drinks it. But we here in the real world would never have to do that, that’s why it’s funny when Costner does it. And technically that’s still true. Except for NASA astronauts. In an effort to reduce costs of hauling water into space, NASA is exploring technology to distill urine. (click for full article). Costner: Trailblazer in Piss drinkin’!

4) Nazi’s are bad

Time really told on this one, and it could have been devastating to the plot of Raiders of the Lost Ark had it gone the other way. But luckily for Spielberg and crew… Nazis were dicks.

3) Scott Peterson in Chryo-stasis

We all remember that overlooked gem of an action flick known as Demolition Man. Simon Phoenix, the baddest mother f***er in 1993 gets frozen in a chryo-prison, in hopes for reanimated rehab sometime in the future. So does the cop who caught him, Mr. John Spartan. In 2030, he’s unleashed on the Utopian society known as San Angeles. After going on a murder/death/kill spree, Phoenix decides to unleash the baddest of the bad also in Chryo-prison. You have to overlook the fact that he sets Jeffrey Dahmer free, even though he died a year after the flick was released. Because if you look on the screen with the list of criminals he’s setting free, we see Scott Peterson. Now, in 1993, it was impossible to know that 10 years later Scott Peterson would kill his wife Laci and their unborn baby, but he did. Proving Sylvester Stallone right.

2) Bob Fosse is a psychic- predicts own death 8 years prior to following through with it.

Bob Fosse, one of the hardest working guys in show biz back in his time, directed big budget, Academy award winning/nominated Hollywood movies. But that was his side job. His real job was directing/producing/choreographing/costuming/designing/starring in/ushering big budget Broadway musicals. And after all that… he still found time to pop pills, smoke like a fish, drink like a chimney and have more sex in one night than Paris Hilton has before breakfast. So in 1979, he felt it was necessary to write/direct/produce his own semi-autobiographical film, All That Jazz with Roy Scheider playing the role of Joe Gideon (Fosse). SPOILER ALERT! Gideon dies of a heart attack from all that work, pills, booze, sex and cigarettes. 8 years later, Fosse kicks the bucket, also because of work, pills, booze, sex and cigarettes. Creepy. How’d you like that… to predict your own damn death.

1) San Dimas High School Football does, in fact, rule!

As you may recall, the primary focus of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure was the fact that they had to give a history report, which is why they were traveling through time in the first place. Well, the last half of the flick is cut with scenes of other students giving their oral reports. One of the students was a football player. He was struggling. So gain the favour of the crowd, he calls out “San Dimas High School Football RULES!!” Are we supposed to take his word for it? Up until last year, yes. But then this happened. Undeniable proof that San Dimas High School football is the best ever!


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