My Perfect Day: In Movie Scenes

Brodie Fanns!

I was perusing other movie blogs, as I do from time to time. And one of my favourites is “Misfortune Cookie”, really cool stuff over there. Last week, I was checking it out, and she wrote this cool post on constructing the perfect day, using scenes from movies. This link takes you to the actual post.

I rather enjoyed it, and I figured I’d take a crack at it.

– I’d most likely start the day off recovering from the night before with Russell Hammond of Stillwater in Almost Famous.
– Then I’d probably grab a cheeseburger from Big Kahuna Burger, the cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast, like in Pulp Fiction.
– After breakfast, I’d probably want to pick up some new records. First I’d head to High Fidelity’s Championship Vinyl, and try to trade barbs with Rob, Dick and Barry. Then I’d cruise over to Empire Records for “Rex Manning Day.” Say no more, mon amour.
– For lunch, I’d have to do Chotchkie’s, the favourite coffee spot for Office Space’s Peter, Michael and Samir.
– I’d probably take a trip to the convention center, see if they’ve got a comic book convention going on, like in Chasing Amy.
– I of course can’t make it through the day without taking in a Sonny Chiba flick or two, hook up with my good buddy Clarence Worely from True Romance.
– Dinner at American Psycho’s Dorsia with some co-workers, but only if we have reservations.
– In the late evening I’d probably go bowling for a game or two with The Dude, Walt and Donny from The Big Lebowski. Of course, I’d make sure not to step over the line.
– I’d spend the rest of the night chillin’ on the football field with the Robert E. Lee Class of ’77 out of Dazed and Confused. When I first conceptualized this list, I thought about just making my entire day out of that movie, but that would be cheating.


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  1. This sounds like a pretty awesome day. And I’m not mad that you borrowed my idea or anything – that’s the point, to get discussion flowing.


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