Top 100 Revisited

Brodie Fanns!

It’s been about a year and a half since I did my top 100 of all time list. And I felt it time to revisit it for a few additions and revisions.

Now… in the midst of compiling the list, I neglected Closer, and slipped it into the 30’s, pushing everything back one spot, bumping The Longest Day out of the top 100 (much to the chagrin of my dear old dad).

Since then, I’ve felt compelled to move a film up (it was criminally low, despite it’s strong showing in the Top 20), and make three additions.

So… the first addition was Zodiac to #79, between North by Northwest now at #80, and Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, at #77, and bumping Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair out of the top 100.

Since the remaining changes affect only the top 20, I’ll post that list. Changes in red

1 – The Godfather
2 – Pulp Fiction
3 – It’s A Wonderful Life
4 – Sin City
5 – Donnie Darko
6 – Dazed and Confused
7 – The Godfather II
8 – Nosferatu
9 – Rear Window
10- Jaws
11- Shawshank Redemption
12- Beauty and the Beast
13- The Dark Knight
14- Casablanca
15- Clerks
16- Requiem for a Dream
17- American History X
18- WALL-E
19- Citizen Kane
20- Ocean’s 11 (2001)

Now, the first change is I moved Dazed and Confused to #6, bumping The Shawshank Redemption out of the top 10. I did some reflection, and considering all that the film really does mean to me, I had to bump it up.

The second changes came with the addition of last year’s The Dark Knight and WALL-E. The Dark Knight, no matter how you look at it, is one of the most finely crafted films of all time. With some of the finest performances put to film. But since this is a list of my FAVOURITE films, it didn’t pull higher rank, because I also added personal connection to films. And WALL-E, just a beautiful film. I stare in awe at what they can do.

They bumped Die Hard and Fight Club out of the Top 20, Young Frankenstein and The Big Lebowski out of the Top 50, and Chinatown and Halloween out of the top 100, placing The Dirty Dozen at #100.

I would like you to keep in mind, that while this has altered, these are all 5 star films in my book. Hell, you’d probably have to go all the way to the bottom 100’s (nearing 200) before we hit 4.5 star films. Based on the sheer amount of films I have seen in my life. So far I have seen 42 different films in theatres this year alone (actually it’s closer to 50, when I add the award season ’08 releases I had to wait till Jan/Feb to see). So yeah… there’s that.

You can flip to my archives in Dec. 07/Jan. 08 to see the full list as originally posted. For those reading this on FaceBook, go to

Peace out, honkies!


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