8 Mini Reviews

Where The Wild Things Are – 4.5 stars. Spike Jonze fully realizes the children’s book, and captures the imagination. It’s a true love story with childhood.

Law Abiding Citizen – 3 stars. Good, solid performances from Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler highlight this revenge flick, but it all falls apart with a lackluster third act.

Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant – 1 star. John C. Reilly is good, but this uninspired mess of a film is a ploy to offer counter programming for young males before the female audience gets the new Twilight film.

Saw VI – 2.5 stars. While it’s the best and most solid entry since Saw 2, the Saw films are starting to wear out their welcome.

Paranormal Activity – 4.5 stars. Well worth the hype, this no-budget viral film delivers on the scares, but the ending doesn’t quite sit well with me. They should have gone with one of the alternate endings.

The Men Who Stare At Goats – 4 stars. It’s a smarter film than the trailers may have let on, and with Kevin Spacey and Jeff Bridges great in supporting roles, this is one film not to miss.

A Christmas Carol – 3 stars. While beautifully animated, and well acted by Jim Carrey and Gary Oldman, it ultimately doesn’t bring anything to the Dickensian table. The Patrick Stewart TV-movie from 10 years ago still reigns supreme.

2012 – .5 star. The visuals are terrific, but even they can’t hide the fact that there’s no discernible plot, poorly developed characters, and a really stupid story. In fact… I make it the full 2.5 hours not really caring whether any of the characters make it or not. This makes The Day After Tomorrow look like Independence Day


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