2014 Oscar Live Blog-o-Thon!

As The Empty Theatre Podcast comes to a close tonight with our live streaming commentary of the Oscar telecast, I re-launch the blog, which has been tragically neglected. One movie will get reviewed per day. Whether I’m seeing it for the first time or it’s an old favourite. That’ll push me to write more, and watch more movies. That will all start tomorrow, and I’ll review the 8 of 9 Best Picture nominees I’ve seen.

Ellen Degeneres hosts the 2014 Oscars.
Ellen Degeneres hosts the 2014 Oscars.

Tonight is the traditional Blog-o-thon! You can listen to our live stream commentary here (myself, my Empty Theatre co-host Cherrine and Special Guest Oscar Commentator Caitlin).

And I’ll have my running commentary here, possibly different jokes that I didn’t say over the air. And I’ll update you with winners and random goings on. Join me in less than an hour!

18:45- Still the Red Carpet… Bunch of dresses and tuxes. Love me some Cate Blanchett.

18:51– Jennifer Lawrence fell on the red carpet… getting it out of the way early. Damn she’s gorgeous.


19:41– That’s my first correct guess. Go Jordan Catallano!

20:01 – I’m now 2 for 3. I missed Costume Design (went with American Hustle), but I got Make-Up & Hair!

20:16 – 3 for 5! Best Animated Shot went to Mr. Hublot (I chose Get A Horse). Best Animated Feature went to, no surprise, Frozen.

20:21– And now Gravity wins its first award of the night with Best Visual Effects. I’m 4 for 6. I need 11 more correct guesses to beat my all time best of 14 for 24.

20:32 – I am now 6 for 8. Did good in the short categories, with Live Action Short going to Helium and Documentary Short going to Lady in Number 6.

20:38– I originally chose 20 Feet From Stardom, but once I found out what The Act of Killing was about, I changed it. I should have stuck with my gut instinct. I’m 6 for 9.

20:49 – And Best Foreign Language Film goes to Italy, The Great Beauty! I’m 6 for 10, as I went with Denmark’s The Hunt.

21:08 – Gravity takes home both Sound Mixing and Sound Editing. I’m at 8 for 12. I had a feeling it would take the tech awards. Good job!

21:15– Congratulations to Lupita Nyong’o! A much deserved win for Best Supporting Actress! 9 for 13.

21:27– And Gravity keeps on sweeping the tech awards with a win for Best Cinematography! 10 for 14.

21:32 – I stupidly went with NOT Gravity for best Film Editing. I chose 12 Years a Slave. Now 10 for 15. I’ve matched last year’s picks.

21:44 – Huzzah for The Great Gatsby for winning production design! Very beautiful and flashy design, great job. 11 for 16.

22:15 – Crap. Went with Philomena for Best Original Score instead of Gravity, but I got “Let it Go” from Frozen on Original Song. 12 for 18.

22:27 – Well, I got Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Original Screenplay! Good for Spike Jonze! Her totally deserved it. As did 12 Years a Slave. I’m 14 for 20, which matches my best ever. One more correct pick, and I set a new personal best.

22:35 – YES! I knew it! Any one other than Alfonso Caurón getting this award would have been a complete crime. 15 for 21! A new personal best!

22:51– And the hits keep on coming! I totally got Cate Blanchett for Best Actress, and she was fantastic in Blue Jasmine. Do see it if you haven’t.  But it was a misstep for Best Actor. I was sure DiCaprio was gonna get it. Good for McConaughey. I’m happy for him. But god damn what does DiCaprio have to do?! I’m at 16 for 23

22:57– FUCK YES! 12 Years A Slave! Best Picture! That’s 17 for 24.  A 71% success rate. And 12 Years A Slave totally deserved it. Good for all involved. Great damn film. Loved it. Great show.


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