Best Music of 2020: The Albums

2020 may have been one of the most daft years in recent history, but gods damn did we get a lot of great music. Music coming both in spite of all 2020 threw at us, and inspired by the trials and tribulations we all collectively went through. These are the albums that really moved me this year.

Best Album

Fiona Apple – Fetch The Bolt Cutters

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Best Of 2019: The Music

Album Of The Year

Jenny Lewis – On The Line

The Voyager was one of my favourite albums of 2015, so I wasn’t too surprised that I enjoyed On The Line. I was surprised by how much of herself she poured into her songwriting for one of her more personal and emotional works to date. Every song tells the story of Lewis, to bring who she is and what brought her here into focus. It’s the kind of album every songwriter hopes to write, and few ever get the chance to.

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