Valentines Day!

Brodie Fanns!

I love you all. Not like that. Well… maybe you like that. You know who you are. Call me. Yeah…..

Anyway. I realize I kinda fucked myself by posting my top 5 romance flicks a few weeks ago. I should have held onto it for today.

Now I’ve got nothing to post, really.

Well… not a list per se… how about a collection of films about romance, love, relationships, that weren’t on that original list, but I enjoyed anyway.

First up…
Mr. and Mrs. Smith
I think it’s a funny take on the fractured marriage story.

Romeo + Juliet
It’s Dicaprio before his talent really matured, but I like it.

Out of Sight
Off-beat sure, but just about the only film featuring Jennifer Lopez I can watch.

Lost in Translation

And finally… Closer.


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