Oscar Winners

Brodie Fanns!


Tonight… going on right now, I am bringing my blogs (blogspot, myspace and broadcasteverywhere) to you live. With live updates.

Why? It’s Oscar night, that’s why. It’s my Super Bowl. I locked in my predictions yesterday, and today, I will be bringing you live updates on winners. If my prediction matches the winner, the entry will be listed in green. If not, then the entry will be in red, with the winner in green next to it.

First up for the night… WHY IS MILEY GORRAM CYRUS BEING INTERVIEWED FOR THE PRE-CEREMONY BARBARA WALTERS SPECIAL?! That’s the burning question of the interview.

Best Picture- No Country For Old Men
Best Director- Joel and Ethan Coen for No Country For Old Men
Best Actor- Daniel Day Lewis for There Will Be Blood
Best Actress- Julie Christie for Away From Her (Marion Cotillard for La Vie en Rose)
Best Supporting Actor- Javier Bardem for No Country For Old Men
Best Supporting Actress- Amy Ryan for Gone Baby Gone (Tilda Swinton for Michael Clayton)
Best Original Screenplay- Diablo Cody for Juno
Best Adapted Screenplay- Joel and Ethan Coen for No Country For Old Men
Best Animated Feature- Ratatouille
Best Foreign Language Film- Die Falscher from Austria
Best Documentary Feature- Sicko (Taxi to the Dark Side)
Best Documentary Short- Salim Baba (Freeheld)
Best Short Film Animated-Peter and the Wolf
Best Short Film Live-Action- The Mozart of Pickpockets
Best Cinematography- The Assassination of Jesse James… (There Will Be Blood)
Best Editing- No Country For Old Menm (The Bourne Ultimatum)
Best Art Direction- Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
Best Costume Design- Across The Universe (Elizabeth: The Golden Age)
Best Make-Up- Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (La Vie en Rose)
Best Original Score- 3:10 to Yuma (Atonement)
Best Original Song- “Falling Slowly” from Once
Best Sound Mixing- Transformers (The Bourne Ultimatum)
Best Sound Editing- Transformers (The Bourne Ultimatum)
Best Visual Effects- Transformers (The Golden Compass)

Peace out fanns!

-Brodie Mann


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