Oscars Live Blog-o-thon 2011!

Join me all night as I live blog the Oscars. Tune in for winners, losers, speeches and tributes. See how I did in my picks. Last year I went 15 for 24, a 63% success rate, and I’m hoping I do better than that. I’ve picked The Social Network for five awards; Best Picture, Director, Adapted Screenplay, Original Score & Film Editing. Fingers crossed that this’ll be a big year for me.

I will post the categories as they are announced. The winner will appear in green. If it matches my pick, that will be all that appears. If I guessed wrong, I’ll post what was my pick in red.

83rd Annual Academy Awards
James Franco & Anne Hathaway host the 83rd Annual Academy Awards Presentation Ceremony

11:41 – Another Oscars in the books. It was OK… I can tell it’ll be a few years before they break away from going with “Standard Oscar Fair.” The Social Network was robbed in best Picture and Director. Oh well. I went 13 for 24, culminating in a 54% success rate. Not as good as my 63% from last year. I’ll try better next year.

11:37 – Best PictureThe Social Network; winner – The King’s Speech; I liked The King’s Speech, don’t get me wrong, but The Social Network was a much better film. Social Network got robbed 13 for 24. 54%

11:31 – Great entrance music for Spielberg. Should have been accompanied by a T-Rex.

11:25 – Best ActorColin Firth for The King’s Speech; That was a gimme. I knew they would go for him. I wanted Jesse Eisenberg to win (and still think he should have) but knew he wouldn’t. I went for the safe bet. 13 for 23.

11:20 – And this is the last we’ll see of Sandra Bullock at the Oscars. Ever.

11:16 – Best ActressNatalie Portman in Black Swan; WOOOO! Called it. Then again, who didn’t? Great job Natalie. 12 for 22

11:12 – That clip just exhibited why Julianne Moore should’ve been nominated instead of Annette Benning.

11:11 – I wonder who’s more stoned, James Franco or Jeff Bridges?

11:03 – Best DirectorDavid Fincher for The Social Network; winner – Tom Hooper for The King’s Speech; WHOA! WHOA! Upset of the night! Wow…. Fincher got robbed. I now can’t beat last year’s picks. 11 for 21

10:55 – Touching and classy ‘In Memoriam” tribute. We lost a lot of great ones over the past year. But was Celine Dion being there completely necessary?

10:49 – Best Original Song“I See a Light” from Tangled; winner – “We Belong Together” from Toy Story 3; Seriously?! I now need to pick the rest accurately just to match last year. 11 for 20.

10:35 – Best Film EditingThe Social Network; They deserved it. Such a brilliantly put together film. 11 for 19

10:33 – Best Visual EffectsInception; Note how Inception was the only one that didn’t have a computer graphic for it’s clip. Way to be! 10 for 18.

10:21 – Best Documentary FeatureExit Through The Gift Shop; winner – Inside Job; I now have to get the rest of my picks right to beat last year. 9 for 17.

10:15 – Best Live Action Short FilmThe Crush; winner – God of Love; this could totally throw my whole picks off, now I’m just hoping to break even with last year. 9 for 16.

10:13 – Best Documentary Short SubjectThe Warriors of Quigang; winner – Strangers No More. Next year, I’m taking Jake Gyllenhaal’s advice. 9 for 15.

10:07 – My boy Zach Levi, steppin’ up! Great job! That kid’s going places. Also: Watch Chuck, good show.

9:58 – Best Costume DesignThe King’s Speech; winner – Alice In Wonderland; I really don’t know where to begin in choosing this category, so I call it a wash. 9 for 14.

9:56 – Best Make-UpThe Wolfman; Chose it cause I love Rick Baker’s work. Good call Academy! 9 for 13.

9:49 – Best Sound EditingInception; Always bet on the event films for technical flicks. It got looked over in other categories, but it was THE undeniable technical achievement of the year. 8 for 12

9:47 – Best Sound MixingInception; Sweet, picking Inception for the technical awards is paying off. 7 for 11.

9:43 – Best Original ScoreTrent Reznor & Atticuss Ross for The Social Network; YES! I was so hoping to be able to say Academy Award Winner Trent Reznor 6 for 10!

9:34 – That’s OK Christian Bale, I’m sure everyone forgets their wife’s name on international television. That’s a totally normal thing to do.

9:31 – Best Supporting Actor Christian Bale in The Fighter; Alright, that’s better. And bout damn time he got an Oscar. What was the hold up?! 5 for 9

9:27 – Best Foreign Languange FilmBiutiful from Mexico; winner – In A Better World from Denmark; Damn it. I went with the only film I had heard of. 4 for 8.

9:24 – I’m liking Anne Hathaway (I usually do) hosting. And now here’s James Franco in a dress. Good times

9:18 – Best Original ScreenplayDavid Seidler for The King’s Speech; Alright! Swept the writing categories! 4 for 7.

9:14- Best Adapted ScreenplayAaron Sorkin for The Social Network; Outstanding choice, he definitely deserved it. He’s one of my favourite writers. 3 for 6

9:06 – Best Animated FeatureHow To Train Your Dragon; winner – Toy Story 3;  Both were great films, but I bet on the wrong horse. 2 for 5

9:03 – Best Animated ShortDay & Night;  winner – The Lost Thing; 2 for 4

8:59– Melissa Leo seems like such a sweet, classy lady. Too bad about the 7 second delay. So glad she won.

8:56- Best Supporting ActressMelissa Leo in The Fighter;  2 for 3 GO ME!

8:52 – Kirk Douglass making an entrance. That man has more talent and class than the entire room, combined.

8:48 – Best CinematographyInception; 1 for 2.

8:45Best Art DirectionInception; Winner – Alice in Wonderland I’m now 0 for 1.

8:43 – Tom Hanks presenting 2 awards, Best Cinematography & Best Art Direction, 2 awards he hasn’t won… what a loser.

8:37 – Loved the opening sequence. Can’t go wrong with Morgan Freeman narration and Tron references. AND A BACK TO THE FUTURE SEQUENCE! Officially the best opening sequence ever!

8:27– Time to start the show! How will they top last year’s show opener with Neil Patrick Harris? The first award they handed out was Best Supporting Actor. I wonder what will be the first this year? Supporting Actor again? Will we see Christian Bale up there? Let’s watch!

7:14 – Red carpet entrances. I don’t particularly care. Full on live blogging to start at 8:30pm.


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