Live Oscars Blog-o-Thon 2012!

I will post the categories as they are announced. The winner will appear in green. If it matches my pick, that will be all that appears. If I guessed wrong, I’ll post what was my pick in red. I’ve picked The Artist to be the big winner tonight, picking up seven awards; Best Picture, Director, Actor, Original Screenplay, Original Score, Costume Design, Cinematography & Film Editing.

84th Annual Academy Awards
The 84th Annual Academy Awards, Hosted by Billy Crystal

Well… I went 12 for 24 tonight, finishing at 50%, which is worse than last year. I’m getting progressively worse, as I had my best year 2 years ago at 15 of 24. Maybe next year…. Good show!

8:36 – Best Picture – The Artist; FUCK YES! I knew it! I knew it! So glad this one won, it definitely deserved it. Good job! 12 for 24

8:29 – Best Lead Actress – Michelle Williams for My Week With Marilyn; Winner – Meryl Streep  for The Iron Lady; One of their “Make Good” wins… Though, pretty soon they’ll have to do it for Michelle Williams. It’s a vicious cycle 11 for 23

8:18 – Best Lead Actor – Jean Dujardin for The Artist; KNEW IT! It’s too bad he had to upset Gary Oldman who is long, LONG overdue, but Dujardin deserved it. 11 for 22.

8:03 – Time for the In Memorium… I never cry at this. And really? “What A Wonderful World?” How basic is that? Are you gonna switch to “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” too?

7:59 – I’m kinda glad they do all the special awards at a separate ceremony… It keeps the main show tight.

7:53 – Best Director – Michel Hazanavicius for The Artist; I’m really glad he won and not Hugo… this is saving my picks for the night. I may miss out on Best Actress though… 10 for 21

7:45 – Best Animated Short – The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore; I really liked the animation on this one, it’s fascinating… you can catch the full film on YouTube here! 9 for 20

7:42 – Best Documentary Short – Saving Face; I had heard very good things about this one, and it seemed like a no brainer. Good job. 8 for 19

7:39 – Best Live Action Short – Time Freak; Winner – The Shore; I took a stab in the dark on this one. I went with Time Freak because I like time travel. 7 for 18

7:30 – Best Original Screenplay – Woody Allen for Midnight In Paris; Hooray! Now that we’re out of the technical awards, I’m doing well. Suck it Hugo! 7 for 17

7:27 – Best Adapted Screenplay – Alexander Payne, Nat Faxon & Jim Rash for The Descendants; Happy for all three of them. Especially Jim Rash, he’s got something to head back to the set of Community with! 6 for 16

7:24 – Billy Crystal really knows how to pull out of a flub. Respect, Mr. Crystal.

7:18 – Best Original Song – Bret McKenzie for “Man or Muppet” from The Muppets; I knew it! I’m glad I now get to say Oscar Winner Bret McKenzie! 5 for 15

7:13 – Best Original Score – Ludovic Bource for The Artist; Good! I really loved this score. Brilliant, and it definitely was the best of the year. 6 for 14.

7:09 – This is a fun little bit. Havin’ a bit o’ fun at the stars! Good times. Get on to the next award.

7:01 – Best Supporting Actress – Christopher Plummer for Beginners; I just want to say that I am really happy for Jonah Hill getting the nomination. It was unexpected, but deserving. And I’m glad Plummer finally won. He deserves it, too. 5 for 13

6:56 – Best Visual Effects – Rise of the Planet of the Apes; Winner – Hugo; Goddamnit Hugo! Rise of the Planet of the Apes had really good effects… and you’re ruining my picks. 4 for 12

6:47 – Best Animated Feature – Rango; I’m glad this film won… such gorgeous animation on this one. Amazing. Definitely deserved it. 4 for 11

6:46 – I wonder if Chris Rock will ever get work on an Animated film again?

6:43 – Best Documentary Feature – Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory; Winner – Undefeated; WOW! Another upset. Everything I heard was that Paradise Lost had this locked up… wow. 3 for 10

6:35 – I’ve always wondered what an at the movies interpretive dance would look like… Wait, no I haven’t. Still kinda cool though.

6:34 – YAY! Muppets! But if they’re gonna be in the balcony, why couldn’t they get Statler & Waldorf?

6: 29 – Best Sound Mixing – The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo; Winner – Hugo; Hugo’s been the spoiler so far tonight. I only had it for like 1 award. 3 for 9.

6:26 – Best Sound Editing – Drive; Winner – Hugo; And now Drive is shut out… which is too bad, that movie got no love. The biggest snub of the night. 3 for 8.

6:25 – Best Film Editing – The Artist; Winner – The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo; WOW! Did not expect that! Good job! 3 for 7

6:23 – Bradley Cooper needs to lose the mustache.

6:22 – Such a hilarious and great Christopher Guest cut scene… just so funny. Good to see those guys together.

6:13 – Best Supporting Actress – Octavia Spencer for The Help; I haven’t seen this film, I’m sure I will eventually, but it seems like such an easy film to say is good, so I just had no desire to. Good for Octavia. 3 for 6

6:07 – Best Foreign Language Film – Bullhead (Belgium); Winner – A Separation (Iran). I knew I should have changed my pick… I don’t know why I stuck with Bullhead. 2 for 5

6:01 – I like this “My First Movie” montage. It’s a really fun insight into these actors, actresses and Hilary Swanks.

5:58 – Best Make-Up – Albert Nobbs; Winner – The Iron Lady. Don’t know why I was rooting against The Iron Lady… I just felt the Albert Nobbs make-up was so fantastic. 2 for 4

5:56 – Best Costume Design – The Artist; I was really pulling for this one tonight. 2 for 3

5:53 – Really? The only pre-1970 film in that montage was Midnight Cowboy. Way to be, Oscars… Way to be.

5:45 – Best Art Direction – Hugo; First correct prediction tonight… Hooray! 1 for 2 so far.

5:44 – Best Cinematography – The Artist; winner – Hugo; I was really pulling for The Artist. So far off to a bad start.

5:41 – I’m pretty sure the first Oscars ceremony I ever watched was hosted by Billy Crystal… he’s got a special place in my heart when it comes to the big show

5:39 – I never thought I’d see Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill hanging out, and nominated for performances in the same film… Good on ya, Jonah.

5:35 – Throwing Tin Tin a nod in the opening sequence is literally the least they could do, since they couldn’t nominate it for some stupid gorram reason!

5:33 – What the hell?! Why is Justin Bieber tainting the Oscars? Come on… you’re better than this, Billy…

5:30 – And here we go… with Morgan Freeman kicking things off! Can’t wait to see the opening number!

5:23 – I’m a big fan of Brian Grazer, so I’m excited to see how his show gets pulled off. Sure it’s gonna be great. Significantly better than anything Brett Ratner could have done.

5:18 – Normally no one ever says “I watch the Oscars for the commercials.” But that Muppets, Google+ commercial set to Under Pressure was awesome!

5:15 – Who is this British chick doing interviews? She’s fucking terrible.

5:12 – George Clooney’s looking sharp. Looking better than yesterday when I watched him die in Return to Horror High. Stacey looks like the Oscar statue.

5:03 – Bradly Cooper doesn’t do a terrible Christopher Walken. Can’t wait for Wet Hot American Summer 2.

5:00 – Aaaaaaand we’re off! I don’t really get into the Red Carpet, because I don’t really care who’s wearing whom. Sometimes the interviews are fun, though. So we’ve got the blog going… settle in for a fun night!


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