87th Annual Academy Awards: LIVE BLOG!

Hey everybody! Thanks for joining me again for a live blog-o-thon of the Oscar ceremony! I’ll keep updating with winners, losers, upsets and performances. You can also follow me on twitter – @Brodiemann, and that will just be my general reaction to things. There’s also the feed you can see directly to your right, so you don’t really even have to leave this page. Just hit refresh every so often.

The 87th Annual Academy Awards!
The 87th Annual Academy Awards!

Time stamps are in Central Time.

23:05– Now the moment we’ve all been waiting for… the Academy Award for the Best Picture of 2014 goes to BIRDMAN! YES!

22:56– Julianne Moore finally picks up an Oscar for Best Actress for her work in Still Alice.

22:50– And the Oscar for Best Actor goes to Eddie Redmayne for The Theory of Everything!

22:42– Alejandro G. Inarritu wins the Academy Award for Best Director for Birdman!

22:34– Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar goes to The Imitation Game!

22:30- The Oscar for best Original Screenplay goes to Birdman! I thought for sure it would go to boyhood.

22:22– Alexandre Desplat picks up the Best Original Score Oscar for his work on The Grand Budapest Hotel

22:10- Yay… a tribute to The Sound of Music.

22:05- The Oscar goes to John Stephens (John Legend) & Lonnie Lynn (Common) for Glory for Best Original Song. Great song. Brilliant performance!

21:58- John Legend and Common perform their Oscar nominated song Glory from Selma.

21:50- The Best Documentary Feature Oscar goes to Citizenfour.

21:43- The Oscar for Best Film Editing goes to Whiplash! Surprise! I thought for sure it would go to Boyhood! Good job, Tom Cross!

21:33- Now to remember those we’ve lost over the past year. Fare thee well, Mike Nichols.

21:26– The Academy Award for Best Cinematography goes to Birdman!

21:22– Best Production Design goes to The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel Lobby
The Grand Budapest Hotel Lobby

21:11– Big Hero 6 takes home the Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film!

21:07– Best Animated Short Film goes to Feast!

21:04– The Oscar for Best Visual Effects goes to Interstellar!

21:00– Rita Ora performs “Grateful” from Beyond The Lights, nominated for Best Song tonight.

20:54- And the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress goes to Patricia Arquette for Boyhood!

Patricia Arquette in Boyhood
Patricia Arquette in Boyhood

20:50- Now for Best Sound Editing, the Oscar goes to American Sniper

20:47- And the award for Best Sound Mixing goes to Whiplash!

20:34- Tim McGraw sings the Academy Award Nominated “I’m Not Gonna Miss You” from “Glen Campbell… I’ll Be Me”

20:30– Best Documentary Short Subject goes to Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press 1!

20:26- Best Live Action Short Film goes to The Phone Call!

20:16– Tegan & Sara and The Lonely Island performing the Oscar Nominated “Everything Is Awesome!”

20:11– Best Foreign Language Film goes to Ida!

20:02– Best Make-up/Hair goes to The Grand Budapest Hotel. My first incorrect pick of the night. I’m 2 for 3.

Tilda Swinton Grand Budapest Hotel
Tilda Swinton Grand Budapest Hotel

19:59– Best Costume Design goes to The Grand Budapest Hotel

Grand Budapest Hotel
Grand Budapest Hotel

19:47– Introducing the first two Best Picture Nominees is the great Liam Neeson.

19:41– First award of the night, Best Supporting Actor goes to J.K. Simmons for Whiplash!

Miles Teller and J.K. Simmons
Miles Teller and J.K. Simmons

19:36– Great opening number, Neil. Loved Ana Kendrick.

19:30– CURTAIN’S UP!

19:20– The countdown is on! 10 minutes till we find out what song NPH sings for his opening number.

19:05– I feel bad for Ethan Hawke. If it wasn’t for J.K. Simmons… well, he’d still be up against Edward Norton, but he’d have slightly better odds tonight.

18:54- I am enjoying the #AskHerMore. The whole “Who are you wearing!?!” really turned me off on the red carpet, but it’s nice hearing everyone talk about their projects instead of their dresses.

18:36– It’s Red Carpet time! I remember sitting in the bleachers back in 2006. Got to chat with Joel Stein, shook George Clooney’s hand, almost got Will Smith’s autograph. It really was a lot of fun. Would love to go again someday.



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