New Movies Weekend of February 5th

It’s the weekend of the Super Bowl, so you know what that means! Server load will be the lighter than usual so movies on streaming should load up faster on Sunday evening! I haven’t watched football in years. The Great British Bake Off is my sports now. And Baseball. But mostly baking. Here are some movies coming out this week, mostly to streaming/VOD

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New Movies Weekend of January 8th

Under normal circumstances, the first few weeks of the year are light on new releases, and generally reserved for expanding the theatrical releases of the awards contenders that got a December 30th limited release to be awards eligible. Or we get a schlocky horror movie that no one was gonna see anyway and has no real competition in some markets, so might as well put it up against the 5th week of whatever mega-blockbuster had the mid-December release date. In 2021, we’ve got just two 2020 releases going to streaming, a festival winner and an Irish drama, and a generic looking erotic(?) thriller going to VOD/Home Cinema.

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