Movies I’m Looking Forward to in 2011 part 3 of 4

Part 3 of the ongoing blog postings about the movies of 2011, we’re now in quarter 3, July to September


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 – To be fair, the franchise hasn’t been as good as it was with Prisoner of Azkaban, but part 1 of Deathly Hallows was up there, and it’s been a surprisingly consistent franchise (except for Half Blood Prince). I think this will be  a fitting end to the franchise.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

Captain America: The First Avenger – Much like Zack Snyder, sometimes I feel like I’m in the minority with Chris Evans, but I like the guy. As with Thor, I applaud Marvel’s ambition, and I’m hoping this project pays off, big time, for them.

Captain America: The First Avenger

Cowboys & Aliens – I love alien invasion films. I like westerns. With a cast that includes Harrison Ford, Daniel Craig and Sam Rockwell, and Jon Favreau in the director’s chair, I’ve got high hopes for this niche blockbuster.


The Darkest Hour – Like I said, I love alien invasion movies, and this appears to be a bleaker take on the subgenre, with Emile Hirsch leading an impressive young cast. But truly, I’m looking forward to seeing Chris Gorak’s follow-up to 2006’s underrated Right At Your Door.

30 Minutes or Less – The most exciting aspect of this comedy crime film is the reuniting of Zombieland director Ruben Fliescher and his star Jesse Eisenberg.


Colombiana – The films that come out of Luc Besson’s crew of writers and directors are always a guilty pleasure (or regular pleasure) of mine, and with Zoe Saldana in the lead, this could be a fun late summer escapist film.

Drive – Ryan Gosling strays from his indie safe house to do a B-Action movie, but could elevate it to be the right amount of cheese as we head into the fall. I’m expecting big things from Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn’s major American debut.


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